Planning ahead for VAT is extremely important as compliance on VAT has become more complex. Investigations from HMRC for VAT fraud has intensified. And therefore, we assist our clients to be extra vigilant when it comes to VAT matters of their business. We as your accountants will advise you on planning for VAT related matters. We will advise you on the VAT reliefs available and the interpretation of the regulations.


Corporation tax is a diverse subject and is not only about completing and filing returns at the end of the year. At KVS, corporation tax planning includes, your industry to determine what reliefs are available, the structure of the business and the operating year end, how to handle disposal and acquisition of assets, how to maximise benefits on expenditure, and your compliance with HMRC.


Capital gains tax can apply not only to businesses but also to individuals with investment properties and other capital assets. Although capital gains tax accounts for a small proportion of the total tax paid in the UK, for those that it does affect the amount payable can be substantial. The calculations can also be complicated and it is important to take advice as soon as you can so that planning can take place. Talk to our tax accountants to solve your capital gains tax issues.


At KVS Business Solutions, we are experienced in advising individuals, trustees, entrepreneurs and landlords of specific tax issues that apply to them. Thus we cater to each client on a case by case basis depending on their unique circumstances such as family situation, business and financial arrangements. The main purpose here is to help our clients to optimise their tax position and plan for the future so that they will not pay any unnecessary tax.