Opening a business bank account is no longer a time consuming task. With KVS Business Solutions, you will be directed to the business manager at your local high street bank which will fast track your business account opening.

Most small businesses find choosing the right business bank account tricky. As we have dealt with many high street banks, we know how the banks deal with small businesses when it comes to opening up an account. Thus, we will advise you on the most appropriate account option depending on your business requirements.


Business plans are helpful for any business to identify the direction they are heading, make the maximum use of the opportunities available and to make the best use of the available funds.

KVS will direct you to get the competitive edge over your competitors through the business plan. Our team of experienced business consultants will look into the unique features of your business and how you can make the most out of them. Thus, when presenting your business plan to the high street banks, it is important that you provide a true and fair picture about your business and its true potential. We will cover the following points in order to make sure you achieve your funding objective.

Our expertise will ensure that your business plan is:
• Designed to be object oriented
• Represents a true and fair view of the business
• Directed at an identified target market
• Analytically strong
• Financially focused
• Driven by deadlines


Starting your own business may seem a difficult task. At KVS Business Solutions, we will make you feel at ease during the formation process. We will make sure that your business is duely registered at Companies House and all the necessary documentation is compiled and ready before commencing the business operations.


The way you deal with payroll depends on the size of the business and the number of employees. However for employers, dealing with the payroll by themselves is a tedious and time consuming task. KVS Business Solutions can help you by acting as the authorised agent of your business. We will register you for payroll with HMRC followed by submitting payroll information online to HMRC.

With a dedicated team of specialists in our payroll department, we will relieve you from undue pressure and stress dealing with HMRC for payroll related matters.


The regulations and inspections on VAT has been strengthened recently, and as a result there are many investigations going on for VAT. Therefore, it is important that you get things right in respect of VAT from the first instance. As experienced accountants for small businesses, we will guide you through the process of VAT registration with HMRC